FAQ - PFC Paranormal

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How Much Will The Investigation Cost?
Nothing!  We are a Non-Profit organization and do not charge for any of the services we provide.  All expenses are paid via our members and donations received.   

What About Religion?
We always respect the religious views of our clients.

What Will Happen During An Investigation?
All of our members work on a volunteer basis, so most of our cases are booked for Saturday evenings. But we are willing to investigate during the peak time of the activity. We will arrive onsite around 7pm and investigations can run up to 6 to 7 hours.   

Do I Have To Leave My House?
No, we will never ask you to leave your home.  We do ask that if small children are in the home that they stay at a family members house for that evening.  This is requested for safety reasons since equipment and wiring will be throughout the home while PFC is present.  We also may ask the client to step outside for a brief period of time so we may have a controlled investigation environment.  

What Happens With My Evidence?
Once we have completed our evidence review, we come back to your home/business and review all the data captured. All evidence will be provided to our clients to keep.  But our clients' privacy is first and foremost.  All evidence and locations are kept confidential, unless otherwise stated by our client.  

How Do You Bless My Property?
If our client feels a blessing is needed we can provide this.  We use a series of prayers and herbs (sage).  We also provide our clients with the tools to take back their home and to keep any unwanted activity from happening again.
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