Paranormal Investigators of the First Coast

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Paranormal Investigators of the First Coast is a Non-Profit group, that is comprised of individuals who are professional, knowledgeable and sympathetic to the needs of persons experiencing events that they cannot explain. The investigation process consists of controlled, positive lines of questioning to gain an understanding of the situation. PFC Paranormal works with the utmost respect to each person’s beliefs and will provide not only a resolution but assistance for future concerns.
When concluded, PFC Paranormal will discuss the possible resolutions to the events, whether it be paranormal and/or explainable.  PFC Paranormal can provide a cleansing of the home and/or persons if requested by our clients.  Any evidence gathered during the investigation will be provide to our clients as well.
PFC also is dedicated to promote and expand the knowledge of the paranormal to the community. We conduct numerous events throughout the year that involve presentation of evidence and interaction with our investigators to answer and discuss any questions the public may have.
We currently serve an approximate 100-mile radius from Jacksonville, Florida which includes the cities of Ocala, Tallahassee, and Daytona in Florida and up into Georgia to include St. Mary’s, Brunswick, Kingsland and Valdosta.
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